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Your mission is to build a better world.

Ours is to help you succeed.

Nonprofits need solid technology, sound planning, and robust administrative systems. They also need engaged boards, supported staff, and sustainable funding.

501 Commons’ programs and services support organizations so they have what they need to make a world of difference.

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STEMpunk: Techtacular 2015

STEMpunk: Techtacular 2015

Join us Wednesday April 29th in the panoramic conference center at Pacific Tower. Techtacular is a fun no-ask networking event attending by leaders from the technology and nonprofit sectors. The theme of this year’s Techtacular is STEMpunk, a splendid mixture of the Steampunk genre with STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering and Math as we profile First Robotics, which received a technology makeover thanks to Microsoft and 501 Commons.

The Campaign for Capacity

Prominent voices within philanthropy are arguing that funders need to stop directing the specific uses of their funds and provide general operating grants. Despite studies that show this to be the most effective, the narrow channels for money cause nonprofits to be underfunding important administrative and infrastructure needs. Find out what important voices in our sector are saying about the need for increased “capacity building” funds.

Many Lights Foundation: Helping Many Lights Shine the Brightest

Many Lights Foundation (MLF) is dedicated to providing children in foster care with elders, adoptive families, and kinship caregivers to help their lights shine the brightest. When they decided to enlist the help of 501 Commons' Management Consulting Services, they knew they were putting their board of directors on a strong path toward becoming champions of these vulnerable children.

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