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Directory Information & Supporters

Consultants and other nonprofit specialists are always looking for ways to help nonprofits find and understand their services. Nonprofits want a trusted source of information and referrals. 501 Commons' Statewide Nonprofit Resource Directory meets these needs by being a “first-stop” for nonprofits looking for service providers ready and able to serve Washington State organizations.

A December 2009 study by The Giving Practice for seven Northwest funders stated that “One of the essential [nonprofit] ecosystem elements is a trusted source of information and referral to capacity-building services. None of the [WA State] community hubs we looked at had such a system, and it was mentioned as a high priority in King County in particular.”

Even before this study, 501 Commons was envisioning an online resource directory coupled with personalized help. Such a directory would allow 501 Commons to build on its 20+ years of matching nonprofits with appropriate resources and would allow us to provide a valuable, statewide service.

    Thanks to the start-up funding and ongoing support of the organizations below, 501 Commons' Information & Referral (I&R) Program – including the Resource Directory and free, personalized I&R help – is going strong!

    • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
    • Campion Foundation
    • Paul G. Allen Family Foundation
    • The Seattle Foundation
    • Social Venture Partners

    We also thank the many consultants and other service providers whose listing fee helps sustain this program. Plus, we're honored by program contributions from individuals, such as:

    To learn more about being in the Statewide Nonprofit Resource Directory, visit the webpages in this section. You can also contact Matt Fikejs at 206-682-6704 x105 or

      Listing Information

      Learn more about the Resource Directory and apply to be listed through the links below.


      "I’m absolutely thrilled with my listing in 501 Commons’ Resource Directory. Within a few days of being listed, we were contacted by a small nonprofit to help them with some crisis communications. Then, your recommendation helped spur a second client to choose us to work with them on message development and a case statement. Thank you so much! So far, so GREAT for my experience!"

      - Teresa Moore Moore Ink. PR & Fundraising Communications