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Personalized Assistance

Troubleshooting that's a call, click, or form away

Info photoThere are many ways to get help from 501 Commons, depending on your level of need and whether you're already a client. For starters, explore 501 Commons' services and the high-quality tools, best practices, nonprofit specialists, and more throughout this site. We've worked hard to organize them in an easy-to-use way.

Sometimes, though, having a person to talk through your nonprofit's needs can help you find that right bit of information or a specialist can make all the difference. Look at the options below to decide who best to contact for personalized assistance.

So, whether you're across town or across the state from 501 Commons, help for your nonprofit may be just a call, email, or short form away. Thanks for your interest!

General Nonprofit Assistance - Resources & Referrals

Matt Fikejs photoFor information about nonprofit management, referrals to trusted nonprofit specialists, or help finding resources, contact Matt, our Information & Referral (I&R) Program Manager .

This free I&R service is available to WA State nonprofits thanks to the many foundations and service providers that support our I&R Program.

Technology Support Help Desk

Our Technology Services clients can get support by submitting an issue using the online form or phone number below. Not yet a client and interested in tech support services? See the box to the right.

501 Commons Services

For questions about our services or to request services, please complete the form linked below. If you prefer to speak with someone first, call or email us and we'll direct you to the appropriate person.