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Leadership Development

Support for leaders & emerging leaders

watering bucket grass501 Commons offers several programs and services that help nonprofit board and staff leaders and support the development of emerging leaders:

We can help you determine whether coaching or our executive advisory service is best for you.  Our executive advisers are nonprofit professionals who can provide you with short term advice on a new strategy or thorny organizational problem or be a longer term mentor.  Our coaches will work with you or your staff members  to  improve effectiveness and reach personal and professional goals.

Join our mailing list to get notices of the Leadership Series, ED Forums, board trainings, and other gatherings. These programs provide actionable information and, equally important provide you with colleagues and perspective on yourself, your organization, and your challenges.

Bookmark our Featured Training & Networking Events calendar which brings you the events and trainings offered by the highly regarded consultants and other nonprofit specialists in our Resource Directory.

We can help you determine whether coaching or our executive advisory service is best for you.  Submit a request for assistance and mention that you would like to work with a coach or executive advisor and we will call you to discuss which option is best for you.

Leadership Coaching

Coaching helps you focus on yourself, including your leadership and management skills, time management and productivity and approaches to ensuring organizational performance.

Executive Advisors

Executive Advisors who have nonprofit management experience focus on providing advice on specific management and organizational issues.  They can provide brief consultations or serve as mentors or longer term advisors.