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The benefits of a 501 Commons' membership

501 Commons has a diverse membership of more than 200 organizations, ranging from grassroots to larger organizations. You do not have to be a member to receive services from 501 Commons, but being a member ensures that you know about new programs and services, and gives you discounts on services, trainings, and events.

Why Become a Member?

Lower prices on services, trainings, and events: 501 Commons' members receive discounts of 10-25% on all of our technology and management consulting services as well as our Partner Services: Tech Managed Services, Financial Services, and Human Resources. Plus, you get lower rates on 501 Commons-sponsored trainings and events.

Our membership fees operate on a sliding scale based on your organization's annual budget. If you are one of nearly 100 organizations using ongoing services or are doing a technology or management consulting project with us, you can save a lot of money!

Let’s get down to brass tacks. Specifically, 501 Commons' membership includes the following:

  • Access to discounted member rates for all 501 Commons' consulting services, such as:
    • Tech consulting: database, network, web and technology strategy and planning
    • Management consulting: board development, strategic planning, HR, financial services, etc.
    • Coaching and executive advising
    • Meeting facilitation
    • Emergency planning
  • Access to member rates for our Partner Services: Ongoing human resources, financial services, and technology maintenance and support programs. This includes our Stable & Secure Managed Services program, Flexit database maintenance and support program, and website maintenance and development program.
  • Discounted training and event fees for events such as the ED Forum, Leadership Speaker Series, and Policy Governance training. Members of Washington Nonprofits, our state association for nonprofits, get the member discount on 501 Commons trainings and events.

Membership Fees

In an effort to create a pricing structure that accommodates the range of sizes and budgets in the nonprofit community, 501 Commons' membership rates are based on a sliding-scale fee structure.

How to Learn More

Ready to become a member? Fill out the membership form.

Questions? Visit the FAQs pageemail us, or give us a call at 206-682-6704.