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Support Our Work

By supporting 501 Commons, you help hundreds of nonprofits each year throughout Washington State.
Information on how you can support more than 500 nonprofits a year by making a donation to 501 Commons.

Hands with seedling501 Commons is all about strengthening organizations so they succeed. We provide free and low-cost services, including management consulting and free information and referral services. Our financial, technology, and HR services give nonprofits access to stable business processes and nonprofit expertise. We deliver specialized programs and services throughout Washington State that make nonprofits more effective in meeting the needs of the individuals, families, and communities that depend upon them.

Many foundations partner with us and support our programs and services because it increases the impact of their giving in Washington State. Your contribution to 501 Commons will benefit nearly 500 organizations a year.

Why Support 501 Commons?

Washington State is home to more than 50,000 nonprofits. They are tackling problems we all want addressed like hunger, youth suicide, and domestic violence; economic development, water policy, or emergency services; drop-out prevention, stronger reading skills, and college access. The staff, boards, and volunteers in these organizations are working hard but there is tremendous untapped potential in our nonprofits.

Because most of the funding available to nonprofits can only be used for programs, even large nonprofits have extremely limited budgets for planning, board development, operational improvement, and basic HR, technology, and financial systems. How can we unleash their potential to make the world a better place unless we provide nonprofits with affordable access to the skills and tools necessary to overcome operational and governance barriers and grow effective programs?

In Washington State, individuals, foundations, corporations, and government have come together to surmount this problem by supporting 501 Commons. 501 Commons is a "management service organization,” a comprehensive consulting and service resource with capacity to deliver the help needed by the region’s entire non-profit community.

Services include comprehensive and affordable technology and business management consulting services; leadership coaching and executive advising; and ongoing human resources, tech support and financial services. The organization also connects nonprofits to other skilled consultants, specialists, tools and best practices.

These skills and services are traditionally very expensive, beyond the budget of many non-profits that need them the most. 501 Commons makes many of its services affordable by deploying volunteer executives and professional consultants, by creating innovative low-cost programs, and by raising funds from foundations, government, business and individuals.

The result is a single, comprehensive, powerful resource for anyone seeking answers, support, and services to help a non-profit become a more effective, sustainable organization. Please support our work. Your donation to 501 Commons is one gift that benefits 500+ organizations that serve 1000s of people and families each year.

501 Commons is a GuideStar Exchange Gold Participant

501 Commons is a GuideStar Exchange Gold Participant. See our profile to view our financial information and information about our organization.