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VIP Manager Corps

Volunteer part-time & earn a service award


Get involved with United Way of King County's Volunteer Impact Partnership Manager Corps (VMC) program and make a meaningful difference in a local nonprofit and the community it serves.

VIP Manager Corps is a program developed in partnership with 501 Commons that provides community volunteers with the tools and resources needed to help nonprofit organizations develop effective volunteer management practices.

This is an exciting way for you to apply your own skills, further your nonprofit experience and earn a service award all while helping an organization to better achieve its mission!

Current position available with Helping Link: Apply today and be the catalyst needed for Helping Link to more effectively recruit, engage and retain quality volunteers. Please contact, for assistance.

Join VIP Manager Corps

Help identify volunteer program needs and implement solutions that will develop or enhance the organization’s volunteer program over the long haul.

VMC Member Opportunities

Learn more about the 2015 VMC host organizations!

Meet the 2015 VMC Members

Check out the Volunteer Manager Corps Members who have partnered with VMC organizations.

Ready to apply?

Apply today to help a King County nonprofit organization better meet its mission!

Former VMC Members

"This is a really valuable program, not just for the host organization, but also for me as a volunteer. I really enjoyed working with the staff at my host organization, meeting new people and helping build their internal capacities. This wonderful experience has offered some new challenges that have allowed me to grow as a person and a nonprofit professional, as well. I can't wait to volunteer again!"
Adrian W.
"The VIP Manager Corps program allowed me to aid an organization with a mission that I truly believed in and let me help them grow. Not only was I able to share my experience and tools with the organization, but I was also able to reveal their own strengths. Showing them that when I leave they have the capacity within themselves to improve and grow their volunteer programs."
Zach G.