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VMC Member Position Description

We are seeking 20 volunteers with diverse backgrounds and skills to join the United Way VIP Manager Corps. By becoming a VMC Member, you will receive training in volunteer management best practices, gain valuable experience, and help increase an organization’s capacity to deliver services!


We are seeking 20 volunteers with diverse backgrounds and skills to join the United Way VIP Manager Corps, a United Way program in partnership with 501 Commons that helps King County human service organizations develop and sustain effective volunteer engagement programs and practices. Volunteers will work with organizations to assess volunteer management needs, implement specific projects that will build or enhance the program, and evaluate projects and ensure their sustainability

Volunteers will serve a minimum of 300 hours (about 10 hours per week for approximately 8 months) starting in April 2014. In return for their service, volunteers will receive a United Way service award; special training in volunteer management best practices; valuable experience working with a nonprofit; and recognition for helping increase an organization’s capacity to deliver services.


As a VMC Member, you will be given a significant amount of responsibility and support. This is an opportunity to:

  • Gain experience developing and managing volunteer programs
  • Access training opportunities to build upon valuable skills
  • Apply your abilities and knowledge to real-world situations
  • Gain exposure to the nonprofit community
  • Provide meaningful ways for volunteers to engage in their community
  • Encourage the community to invest in social issues through volunteerism
  • Increase an organization’s capacity to deliver services!

In addition to the service award, all VMC Members completing at least 250 hours will receive the silver level Presidential Service Award, and if the Volunteer Manager is eligible for a Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal this will be pursued for them. 501 Commons is also a partner of the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) a national service program engaging people age 55 and older in service. RSVP benefits include supplemental insurance, annual recognition, a quarterly newsletter and support in your service. Please let us know if you are interested in learning more about the RSVP program.

Position Responsibilities

Depending on the host organization’s needs, VMC Members will either build a new volunteer program or enhance an existing program. VMC Members will work in collaboration with the host site staff to determine specific tasks and priorities.  Volunteers may be asked to work on some of the following kinds of projects:

  • Assessing the organization’s current volunteer engagement program
  • Developing systems for utilizing volunteers
  • Creating volunteer program materials, such as handbooks and policies
  • Planning and designing volunteer opportunities needed to meet the needs of the organization
  • Creating and updating volunteer job descriptions for opportunities offered by the organization
  • Recruiting and managing volunteers
  • Maintaining volunteer records and files
  • Tracking and reporting volunteer hours and contributions
  • Conducting volunteer evaluation and program evaluation activities
  • Documenting systems and processes to ensure sustainability


We are seeking community volunteers with diverse backgrounds, strong people skills, and a commitment to service. We are particularly interested in applicants who have volunteer management experience, human resource skills, experience working with volunteers and/or groups, or who possess significant experience as a community volunteer. General staff supervision and customer service experience is also helpful.

Candidates must be willing to serve a minimum of 300 hours (about 10 hours per week for approximately 8 months) beginning in April 2014. The majority of hours will be served during the regular business day (9am-5pm). VMC Members will be allowed to take several weeks off throughout their service with prior notice, and flex their hours as long as the host agency’s needs and organizational timelines are met.

Candidate Skills, Capabilities, and Requirements

A commitment to volunteer service and a belief that effectively-engaged volunteers will help improve an organization’s ability to achieve its mission

  • Demonstrated experience leading people or managing projects
  • Demonstrated experience working with diverse communities
  • Ability to interact with persons of all ages, backgrounds, skills and abilities
  • Ability to work independently
  • Manages time effectively and establishes and reflects good work habits
  • Establishes and maintains cooperative and effective working relationships with co-workers, volunteers, and partner agencies
  • Communicates effectively both orally and in writing
  • Strong computer skills

Application Process

Applications will be available in November 2014. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until all positions are filled. For more information email Gwyn Howard at

Know of a King County human service organization that could benefit from free help to engage more volunteers in its mission? Visit the Volunteer Impact Partnership website and email Carolyn Cunningham, Impact Manager – Volunteer Initiatives, at United Way of King County, or call 206-461-3656.