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A Travel Guide to Nonprofit Finances

Posted Nov 14, 2013 12:00 AM
Let us know if you would like to attend the next Travel Guide to Nonprofit Finances. We can help you learn the lingo and gain an understanding of nonprofit accounting basics.
Every year, nonprofits close their doors because of financial issues that cannot be resolved. The loss of a grant, combined with an unforeseen cash crunch, a lack of reserves, or assets lost due to fraud can be the undoing of an organization. It is essential for nonprofit leaders with fiscal responsibility to be well versed in financial processes, and to be prepared to play a proactive role to help ensure that their organizations remain healthy and viable for the long run.

If you are an Executive Director, treasurer, board member, or office manager, and have a role that includes understanding financial processes for your organization, we encourage you to email and let us know you are interested in attending A Travel Guide to Nonprofit Finances, to learn the basics. The workshop was developed with the assistance of Sharron O’Donnell, CPA, a Senior Manager of Assurance Services at Bader Martin, P.S.  When we get enough people, to hold the class we will contact you.