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Annual Report

Serving Our Sector

Those of us who work and volunteer at 501 Commons have the honor – and fun – of learning the story behind the nonprofits we serve each year. We hope to contribute to those stories and make their work a little easier. our 2023 Annual Report distills some of the activities of this year into quotes, stories, and statistics so you get a taste of what it means to serve our sector.

Since nothing like 501 Commons exists in most cities, it is not a surprise that our services are being discovered by nonprofits throughout the U.S. In 2023, we served organizations in 30 counties in Washington and 24 different states.

We are determined to expand our services so more organizations can access the expertise they need. Your partnership is critical to our ability to advance this work.

Please reach out to if you want to talk.

About 501 Commons

501 Commons provides expertise and innovation to nonprofits through a full range of management consulting; technology consulting (IT planning and database development); outsourced HR, accounting, IT infrastructure, and database management services; professional development and board training; and free advice, information, and referral services.

501 Commons' services strengthen leaders, build healthy organizations, and fosters community engagement.