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Salley Anderson

Board Member

Salley is the CFO of The Bullitt Foundation, a nonprofit that focuses on the environment, and General Manager of the Bullitt Center. After earning an Accounting Degree from the University of Washington and an MBA from Seattle University, Salley cultivated her business acumen as a tax accountant, software product manager, CFO of an international foundation, General Manager of a catering company, and a consulting CFO focused on the nonprofit sector. Creating and fostering connection has been Salley’s path to serving the environment. She believes that when people feel a part of something, they will naturally have a greater sensibility to that which is beneficial for all. Of particular interest to her is the intersection of equitable access and regenerative sacred economies.

Outside of work, Salley can often be found traversing local waterfronts and forests, and exploring the mysteries of the seen and unseen worlds.