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Partnerships & Collaborations

Strengthening our sector together

We believe in the power of collaboration. Working together with other organizations gets us all further faster. We make better decisions because we have more information and understand the perspectives of our partners. We use resources more carefully because we avoid duplicating what others have already created.

Here are some of our partnerships and collaborations:

Alliance for Justice |WIN/WIN Network |ACRS

501 Commons is a member of the Alliance for Justice Bolder Advocacy Campaign, a national organization that promotes the active engagement of nonprofits and foundations in democratic processes and institutions. They help organizations fully understand the rules and become assertive in their right to pursue their policy goals.

501 Commons has collaborated with organizations to bring AFJ to Seattle for a training on the rules that govern nonprofits engagement in advocacy and lobbying.


Collaborated with BoardSource on the 2017 National Conference and has joined the Stand For Your Mission Campaign spearheaded by BoardSource, the Campion Foundation, and others to encourage nonprofit board members to be engaged in advocating for the mission of their organizations, including lobbying for changes to laws, regulations and budgets that impact the community they serve.

Capacity Builders

Coordinate services and share information with other capacity building organizations  and promote each others' events and services. Check out our list of capacity building organizations in Washington State.

City of Seattle Digital Equity Workgroup

501 Commons shares the vision of a city where technology's opportunities equitably empower all residents and communities--especially those who are historically underserved or underrepresented. We provide advice and council and serve on Initiative workgroups.

Executive Service Corps of the United States

Executive Service Corps of Washington, a program of 501 Commons, is one of 20+ ESC programs across the United States that are leveraging the professional skills of volunteers to strengthen our communities. We participate in ESC-US and partner with ESCs to share practices and programs. In 2019 501 Commons is working with the ESC program at the Bayer Center at Robert Morris University to replicate our HR Tune-up program.


501 Commons is assisted by an advisory council of nonprofit representatives in managing GiveBIG, a day of community philanthropy. We are producing the day in partnership with partnering with Encore Media Group, a local business that will manage the campaign development, marketing, and communications and MightyCause, which provides the Washington Gives platform.

Leadership Development Partners

In 2017-2019 - Leadership Development Partners worked to improve access to leadership and professional development resources and tools for nonprofit employees and those interested in being in the sector. The partnership included Center for Ethical Leadership, Washington Nonprofits, University of Washington Evans School, Seattle University Nonprofit Leadership Program, United Way of Spokane and Community Foundation of North Central Washington.

Nonprofit Association of Washington

The Nonprofit Association of Washington (NAWA) convenes a powerful network of nonprofit organizations across Washington State to learn, advocate, and collaborate so that nonprofits can achieve their missions. Through participation in this network, nonprofits (staff, board, and volunteers) become more sustainable and effective. Stronger nonprofits contribute to healthy, collaborative, economically vital, and civically engaged communities. Many of the state’s most effective nonprofits are members of the Nonprofit Association of Washington. Join today!

501 Commons is also a member of the Idaho Nonprofit Center and the Nonprofit Association of Oregon.

NTEN Nonprofit Technology Network

In addition to being longtime members of this organization for nonprofit technology professionals, 501 Commons staff are frequent presenters at the annual Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC).

Pro Bono Professionals

We are grateful for the contributions of many professionals, some of whom are also listed in the Resource Directory who volunteer to provide services and training to our clients.

Resource Directory Partners | Learning Connections

Through the Resource Directory and Learning Connections, 501 Commons partners with the community of nonprofit and for profit consultants, trainers, and service providers who serve the nonprofit sector in the region. By maintaining information about their offerings and services available on our website we are helping them be more sustainable and increasing the options available to nonprofits.

Staff Development Coalition

Since it was established in 2003, 501 Commons has been a member and supporter of the Staff Development Coalition (SDC). When the coalition lost its sponsor in 2016, 501 Commons became the sponsor and facilitates the provision of trainings selected by nearly 20 coalition members. SDC helps nonprofit staff and leaders reach professional and personal excellence through thought-provoking workshops led by national and regional trainers/experts.

Seattle Tech4Good

This gathering of Seattle area techies and nonprofit pros is sponsored by NTEN and TechSoup. 501 Commons staff are frequent presenters at this Meetup.

TechSoup Global

In addition to collaborating with TechSoup to help nonprofits access low-cost/no-cost software, 501 Commons works with TechSoup Global to identify and drive technology innovation in the sector, particularly in the area of cloud computing, and increase nonprofits’ ability to optimize their use of technology solutions to accelerate their missions.

United Way of King County

501 Commons has collaborated with United Way of King County on the United Way of King County Volunteer Impact Partnership since 2009. Hundreds of organizations have benefited from the resulting programs and resources to support high-impact volunteerism in King County. Currently 501 Commons provides volunteer management training for United Way.

Volunteer Centers of Washington |Washington Serves

501 Commons has worked with the Volunteer Centers of Washington to develop additional volunteer centers and to support existing centers. This work has been funded through Serve Washington under a federal Volunteer Generation Fund grants. Another result of the grant is the Volunteer Washington Case for Community Volunteerism.

We have partnered with Serve Washington, our state commission for volunteerism, for many years. Currently we are working with Serve Washington to expand access to volunteer management training in the state.