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Edmund Tan

Staff Accountant

Edmund is originally from Malaysia and lived in Nebraska for 9 years before moving to Seattle. He loves the outdoor life, whether it’s the summer or winter. He spends most of his free time skydiving, paddleboarding, skiing (when it’s winter) and hiking in both seasons. He graduated with an Actuarial Science degree and worked as a Financial Analyst for a nonprofit in Nebraska, then pursued his MBA to further advance his career.

He loves working for 501(c)3 nonprofits and cannot wait to continue developing his career at 501 Commons. He considers his greatest strength to be his optimism, believing that we should give our best to the things we do every single day. This means enduring the bad days and enjoying the good days! Edmund loves traveling and learning new things about different cultures and countries in the world. He speaks three languages (Bahasa, Mandarin, and English) and hopes to learn French someday.

Fun Fact: Edmund feels blessed to have been able to visit all 50 states in the U.S over the course of 7 years. His next goal is to hike Mount Everest after conquering the tough mountains in Washington.