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Eileen Moran


Born in Lewiston, Idaho, Eileen has always felt the northwest to be home, even though she is Cajun by heritage. Seattle has a particular pull; there is beauty everywhere.

Graduating cum laude in 1992 from Washington State University, Eileen put her new accounting degree to use in the private sector, progressively accumulating responsibility in both the for-profit and nonprofit sectors. She spent seven years as a Financial Manager in the nonprofit world, working in areas such as mental health counseling, Habitat for Humanity, a credit union, and economic development organizations.

Having an affinity for taxation, Eileen received a Master’s in Taxation from Golden Gate University and proceeded to become an enrolled agent.

Eileen worked in the for-profit world the last few years, after attempting an early retirement that didn’t stick. Most recently, the construction field held her attention, but coming back to nonprofits is particularly gratifying. Working with a variety of clients, solving problems, and delivering beyond expectations are all goals put to better use while serving others.

Coming back to Seattle after several years’ absence for a stay in the state of her family’s long history – Louisiana – Eileen swore she would have a Seattle address this time (having lived in Bellevue before). Luckily, Eileen found a lovely place close to what matters - opera, concerts, Seattle events; and is lucky to live within walking distance to many of these venues.

Fun Fact: Eileen was once the lead singer in a rock band in Everett during the early 80s.