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Phanith Kong

Staff Accountant

Phanith brings more than 10 years of experience in international nonprofits to 501 Commons. Her most recent experience in Washington was as a staff accountant with Valley Business Services, where she served primarily as a full-charge bookkeeper for small, independent businesses. She is delighted to be serving nonprofits.

Born and raised in Cambodia, she holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in management and a post-graduate diploma in business from universities in Cambodia. Phanith was awarded a scholarship from the Australian government to complete her masters of professional accounting at the University of Adelaide, graduating in 2014.

Previously, Phanith has worked with several international nonprofit organizations in her native Cambodia. In 2001, she began as an administrative and accounting assistant with Action Against Hunger. She then served as the finance and administration coordinator with ACR/Caritas Australia and later as the finance and administration manager with Fauna & Flora International. Phanith was deeply impressed by the positive impact of the work of these nonprofits on poor communities and the environment. The power of this work continues to drive her to want to serve nonprofits by helping keep their financial transactions and reporting accurate and reliable.

Fun Fact: Phanith loves flowers and likes to grow them too. She usually spends some of her free time going shopping at nurseries.