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Fulvio Casali

Website Development Consultant

Fulvio Casali is Principal of Soliton Consulting, a Seattle-based web development and hosting provider specialized in the Plone content management system. Soliton Consulting offers Plone solution development, Plone hosting, and Plone training. Fulvio has administered and developed Plone sites for eight years, as well as trained users and other Plone developers.  He also has 20 years of professional experience developing software on commercial and open source platforms at small and large levels of business scale. This background allows him to feel perfectly confident approaching any Plone installation, no matter how complex, and immediately identify any trouble spots and the leverage points to resolve them. He enjoys interacting with all the stakeholders and has been praised for his ability to bridge the communication barrier between technical language and business requirements and processes.

Since 2004, Fulvio has been more and more involved in community nonprofit organizations, in particular focusing on various aspects of environmental sustainability.  He has founded several organizations himself and served on the board of directors of others, as well as helping plan conferences and events. Fulvio brings his passion and professional skills to helping organizations address the most pressing needs our planet is facing, and he is intimately familiar with the particular challenges that nonprofit organizations can face.

Fulvio enjoys helping his clients get the most out of their Plone site, and he nurtures partnerships between his company and other solution providers, both in Seattle and the rest of the world.