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Jason Rampe and Justin Parra

Website Design and Development Consultants

Jason Rampe (top) and Justin Parra (bottom) are the principal consultants of Creation-1, specializing in producing interactive projects, including websites, apps, and marketing campaigns for nonprofit organizations. Offering a full spectrum of creative services, including design, development, copywriting, search engine optimization, and branding, Jason and Justin serve as a one-stop shop for all your creative needs. With offices in Seattle, Washington, and Brooklyn, New York, their experience with both national and international nonprofit organizations has yielded a finely tuned and streamlined approach. User-centric design and development is their specialty. They utilize modern technology like WordPress and Drupal to build websites that facilitate ease of use for users as well as site administrators, and every project is accompanied by extensive documentation and training so that your organization hits the ground running. Above all, customer satisfaction and building longstanding relationships with clients is their number-one priority.

Justin, as Head of Development at Creation-1, uses his 10 years of experience in web development to guide clients in the right direction and drive the development process amongst their internal teams. He specializes in breaking down geek speak into plain English. Jason as Creative Director organizes the creative process and uses his extensive knowledge of interactive design to foster creative results that really shine! He also keeps things tidy on the business side and directs internal marketing efforts.