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Jean Battersby

Human Resources Consultant

Jean is the founder of Catalyst Coaching and Consulting, a sole proprietorship delivering human resources consulting and professional coaching to small and medium-sized organizations and individuals. After 30 years of managing human resource functions and creating engaging workplaces, Jean started her business specifically to support nonprofits and other organizations with meaningful missions and services.

Jean is an experienced coach who completed a year-long ICF accredited coach and leadership training program. She received a MBA and BBA from Texas A&M University with a major in Human Resources. Her areas of HR expertise include coaching and advising staff and managers, developing, implementing and leading cutting-edge HR programs related to benefits, compensation, employee relations, employment law, recruitment, staffing and training.

As a Dale Carnegie graduate, professionally-trained speaker, teacher and a former adjunct faculty member, Jean is especially interested in cultivating engaging workplaces where employees embody respect and clear communication. She believes that straightforward thinking and speaking is crucial to both effective communications and relationships in the workplace.

Most recently, Jean provided Human Resources leadership for a decade to Committee for Children, an organization that develops and markets programs which are designed to increase awareness of social and emotional learning in schools and other child-based organizations. She supported HR at the Goodwill Industries of South Texas and was the first HR Director at the Compass Alliance (formerly The Compass Center).

Jean dedicated over half of her thirty-year career supporting the missions and staffs of nonprofits. It gives her great pleasure and joy to continue on this path at 501 Commons.