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Chris Carpenter

Human Resources Consultant

A veteran HR professional and a Veteran of the United States Marine Corp, Chris has a deep love of his country and fellow man. While serving his nation, Chris developed a desire to continue to serve in the nonprofit community through adult education.

Chris has exceptional experience in the HR field. His practice is well rounded, offering skills and strategies to diverse industries from retail and agriculture to communications as a manager, director, and consultant.

An experienced manager, his oversight includes HR departments for businesses from 300 to 900 employees, as well as offering smaller and boutique HR needs. Chris enjoys developing people, organizations, and communities. Chris has a training background that is unparalleled, molding professionals and increasing understanding and productivity with those he works with.

Fun Fact: Chris has four children – three sons and a daughter. Chris is also a proud grandfather of three and dad of one great dog. He likes to play golf and softball and has been an Indianapolis Colts fan his entire life.