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Kerry Kozuki

Director of Management Consulting and Services

Kerry Kozuki is our Director of Management Consulting and Services, overseeing the many programs that address such organizational needs as board development, emergency or strategic planning, change management, and more.

He grew up near Williams Lake, BC, Canada, and completed his undergraduate degree at the British Columbia Institute of Technology. He later received his MBA at the University of Washington and gained his Six Sigma Black Belt certification from Villanova University.

His career has largely been in hospitality, including managing hotel operations at the Washington Athletic Club for eight years.  More recently, he relocated to Spokane to work as a business consultant across the United States, commuting frequently to client locations. Kerry has moved back to Seattle where he works closely with his team at our Pacific Tower offices. He sees transitioning to the nonprofit sector as a way to make a difference in the world. Although any work ultimately can help others, he views 501 Commons as a more direct way to make an impact. One particular issue close to his heart is addressing rural and intergenerational poverty, helping that population find the resources, education and confidence to elevate their life experience.

Kerry loves travel and picks up languages easily, including French and baby Spanish and German as needed. His favorite travel destination is Bali, Indonesia, but he's visited 25 countries at last count! Foreign cultures and ways of living fascinate him, as well as exploring the outdoors through mountain climbing. He is also a Reiki III practitioner, doing some sound healing work and leading meditation groups.

Fun Fact: Kerry rides a motorcycle to work most days.