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Kristan Matthews

Human Resources Consultant

Kristan Matthews brings 10+ years of experience in Human Resource Management to nonprofit organizations. Kristan’s most recent experience in HR was managing a hotel conglomerate with multiple hotels, a restaurant, and lounge on-site. For years, Kristan’s expressed her connection to the nonprofit world through her administrative and HR service to organizations supporting children and education. Kristan’s passion is HR!

Kristan attended Indiana University, Bloomington and later, Idaho State University. Kristan previously lived in the Pacific Northwest, but ultimately settled in Southern Idaho where she was born and raised. Kristan and her husband have three boys and love building a life right down the street from their family.

Fun Fact: Kristan adores traveling, visiting new places, and meeting new people. In her spare time, you can find her cheering for her boys at various sporting activities. She enjoys the outdoors and loves summertime activities the most.