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Lynn Clark

Community Engagement Coordinator

As the Community Engagement Coordinator, Lynn is the first point of contact for new Executive Service Corps members and supports their success and the success of the Community Engagement team as a whole.

Lynn was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. Some of her early fond memories include learning to parallel park between two fruit trees in an orchard that previously occupied what is now the Bellevue Square parking garage. Her lifelong interest in exploring cultures and perceptions was sparked by a summer program at Harvard University. The architecture graduate students led the program’s 25 participants, including 22 members from outside the United States and three from the United States (CA, WA, and NY). They were challenged to explore space – often blindfolded – to encourage them to use senses other than sight to experience environments.

Lynn graduated from Cornish College of the Arts and studied Design and Management (Theatre Production). Then, she moved on to both contract and regular employment in theatre, video/film, still photography, visual merchandising, special events, arts, and interior design. More recently, she provided sustainability engagement with the Environmental Protection Agency’s facilities team. In the role of environmental advisor or interior designer on LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design), her favorite scope is working with the client on the innovation in design credit to tell their story.

Fun Fact: Lynn is often ambidextrous. Her curiosity in exploring environments and cultures began very early. She’s built many tree forts and several underground forts. She also built an igloo and a teepee.