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Michelle Deacon

Director of Finance

Michelle brings a strong history of success in the for-profit world. She is a Canadian CPA, CMA and moved to the U.S. from British Columbia in 2002 when she married her American husband, John Browne. Michelle possesses a proven track record as a financial director and operational leader. Her financial management and strategic planning work in software, alternative energy, law, construction, and agriculture provides her a unique perspective to the nonprofit community.

Michelle and her husband live in Duvall on a five-acre hobby farm with their three border collies, chickens, and honey bees. Until 2008 they kept sheep and still miss the spring lambing season. Now they focus on their expansive ornamental and food gardens.

Michelle thinks of herself as a “Greenpeace baby” and has a deep affection and concern for nature. She leads their family’s charge to grow as much of their own food as possible. Her daughter lives in Langley, BC with her husband. Her son is a member of the Royal Canadian Air Force and lives in Petawawa, Ontario with his wife and daughter.