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Mike Schwartz

Financial Services Associate

Mike grew up in San Diego before moving to Santa Barbara for college and graduating with a degree in humanities. His nonprofit journey began when he oversaw mentorship programs for junior high and high school youth at a low-income housing complex in the city’s lower westside. His six years in this position (and four more as a volunteer) educated him about the structural disparities in resources between families of different communities. This experience also impressed on him the importance of administrative excellence and collaboration for nonprofits to succeed.

A "numbers person" by nature, Mike found his calling as a staff accountant at CommUnify, a grants-based human services organization. This inspired him to become a Certified Management Accountant and later pass the CPA exams, while also earning certificates in Accounting and Business Management from UCSB and UCSD. Mike remains committed to his professional development and learning new best practices he can implement for community partners.

Mike’s approach to his work centers around providing knowledgeable support and analysis with honest communication. His program background gave him an understanding of the challenges nonprofit leaders and staff face in their day-to-day work. He wants to help organizations make a greater difference by improving their financial stability and relieving administrative stress on individuals.

Fun Fact: Mike and his wife also have the joy of being foster parents and sharing with others the love and security their upbringing gave to them. His passions include light roast coffee, family time, and playing board games with friends. He dreams of a more just world where the Supersonics are returned to Seattle.