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Sofia Olson

Financial Services Associate

Sofia Olson has been a bookkeeper for small nonprofits since 2003 in her role as the treasurer of the Seattle Young People’s Project. She finds delight in supporting the tremendous work being done by nonprofits in Seattle, particularly ones who are focused on social/racial justice, environmental sustainability, and indigenous rights. One of her favorite things about this is getting to know about really cool work happening in Seattle and the effort behind making it happen. Before joining 501 Commons, Sofia was a freelancer, doing bookkeeping for several small non-profits. She has years of experience of working with non-profits who previously had messy or non-existent books and financial tracking systems and has helped many transition to a coherent and consistent system.

Sofia has spent most of her adult life in Seattle and now lives with her wife, child, two dogs, a cat, and two goats in a home in Southeast Seattle. Her wife is working on building a non-profit called FamilyBike Seattle, which helps reduce barriers for families to bike together for transportation. Her son is passionate about breakdancing, Minecraft, and creating worlds and storylines in his imagination. Her dogs keep the backyard safe from squirrels and small birds, and her goats produce milk and provide entertainment.

Aside from her bookkeeping career, Sofia is passionate about personal transformation and healing, and using tools of personal transformation and healing to help white people disengage from the ways that racism impacts our behavior and thinking so that we can show up more fully for the work that needs to be done to erase racism from US institutions. In that vein, she is always seeking out training in personal transformation modalities that are compelling to her, and looking to create transformative and healing experiences for this purpose. For example, in 2015/2016, she will attend a training in Internal Family Systems, put on at Bastyr University.

Fun Fact: Sofia and her son share zodiac signs in two different systems. They are both Scorpios in the western system, and both Horses in the Chinese/Japanese system.