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Jonelle Kelly

Financial Services Associate

Jonelle provides bookkeeping for our Financial Services team.  She brings organizational skills and a mathematical mind-set to organizations that do good in the world and for the community. By working for a nonprofit that supports these nonprofits, she is able to fulfill her desire to contribute to society by doing that she's great at!

Before joining the 501 Commons team, Jonelle earned her Accounting degree at the University of Washington where she took electives that focused on Nonprofit Accounting. Upon graduation she moved to Philadelphia to be with her partner while he worked on is graduate degree.  She picked up bookkeeping work for various organizations and companies.  At one time she had 5 part-time jobs at once. She built up her resume looking for more opportunities with nonprofits and found herself working in the Arts sector as bookkeeper with the Philadelphia Theatre Company, followed by Senior Accountant at the Pennsylvania Ballet.  Eventually, family and the appeal off the great Pacific Northwest brought her back to Washington State, where she found a job right away doing exactly what she wanted!

Jonelle is passionate about animal welfare contributing to and volunteering at animal shelters when she finds time.  This passion shines through as she works to lead a lifestyle that is free of animal products.  One of her life goals is to continue to make bigger and better contributions to protecting animal rights.

Fun facts: Jonelle enjoys athletic activities like tennis and golf (whether or not she is good at them!), and loves going to Mariner games. She likes playing card games with family and friends, listening to music, completing Sunday New York Times Kenken puzzles, singing one too many songs at Karaoke, and hanging out at home with her 2 cats Joga and Luther!