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Samantha Lemke


Samantha joins 501 Commons as a Bookkeeper.  She will be assisting the Senior Bookkeeper in providing services to our virtual financial services clients.

Before coming to 501 Commons, Samantha specialized in veterinary medicine.  She holds a degree in Veterinary Technology from PIMA Medical Institute, and she just earned her degree in Accounting.  As a former kick boxer and yoga master, it is advised that you do not question her spreadsheets.

Originally from King County, Samantha has traveled extensively including Italy, Greece, Turkey, Egypt and Mexico.  She was most impressed with the history, landscape, food and local fauna of Greece (particularly the feral kitties). Her dream vacation is to visit the Maldives.

She is an avid reader and loves sci-fi, particularly Stephen King.  She is also a fan of Anne Rice, Laurel K. Hamilton, but despite having been to Forks several times, does NOT believe vampires are sparkly.

One of Samantha's proudest accomplishment is her 3 year old daughter (going on 30).   Isabelle is involved in gymnastics and has already mastered the alphabet.  Isabelle also spends her time chasing Toki, Tula and Dillinger, their three cats.

Random fact: Samantha once owned a peacock named Jake.  Actually, two peacocks.  From Craig’s List.