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Amber Colyer

IT Administrator

Amber Colyer (they/them) has been both a freelance writer and an information technology specialist since 2010 and has combined these career paths into serving many clients, including nonprofits. They greatly appreciate the opportunity to provide support to nonprofits both in and outside of Seattle and help organizations that are dedicated to mental health and fighting for rights for people of color and people on the LGBTQ+ spectrum. They enjoy getting the chance to meet the amazing people behind these efforts and help support the incredible work that they do.

Before joining 501 Commons, Amber worked for a mid-scale managed service provider that provided technical assistance to clients across the United States, including several important nonprofit organizations. They also did freelance writing work for clients in a broad array of industries and from numerous backgrounds. They feel getting to hear all the amazing stories has made their work all the more interesting.

Amber did not have the pleasure of growing up in Seattle, but was rather born in Knoxville, Tennessee, and still has remnants of the infamous Tennessee accent, especially when they’re upset about something. They moved from state to state most of their life, largely keeping to the Southern portion of the United States, where all animals are critters and are especially ornery. Fortunately, one of these moves led them to living in Puyallup, Washington for several years and the call of Seattle culture enticed them to move back again one day. Which they did! Now they live close to Lake Washington with four roommates who embody everything that is wonderful about Seattle and all fight for their individual causes.

They grew up loving books, cartoons, and movies; which is what inspired them to attempt to become a famous novelist someday. They are currently working on several fantasy novels that attempt to put people of color, people with disabilities, and people on the LGBTQ+ spectrum at the forefront in the hopes of inspiring others one day. One is about a rock opera where spells being cast sound like music. Amber also hopes to learn to be better at drawing, as the thought of being able to draw comics with the same aspirations as before has proven to be especially motivating. Aside from that, they knit and play horror games in their spare time and aren’t especially good at either.

Fun Fact: They once volunteered with the Guardian ad Litem program, a program made to help children who were wards within the court of law due to abuse, neglect, or abandonment. At the time, they were the youngest volunteer and greatly enjoyed the experience.