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Andrea Cote

Salesforce Consultant

Andrea Cote (she/her) began her career in the nonprofit sector in 2008. Prior to joining 501 Commons as a Salesforce Consultant, she spent a decade at a workforce and leadership development nonprofit in Chicago, where she built and led their Solutions team; which focused on data and systems, knowledge management, and technology. Andrea’s Salesforce journey began in 2013 when she led internal efforts at her organization to move programmatic tracking and management from Microsoft Access to Salesforce. From there, her Salesforce knowledge and experience deepened over the next decade as she and her team extended use of Salesforce across all organizational areas and supported overall organizational growth and change.

Andrea enjoys working with nonprofits to understand how Salesforce can best support their specific processes and context for ongoing use and sustainable progress towards fulfilling their missions. Andrea values mutuality and applies this to collaboration and her Salesforce design approach.

She grew up in Rhode Island and lived in Boston and Seattle before moving to Chicago in 2013. She enjoys karaoke, city biking, reading, podcasts, and large bodies of water.

Fun Fact: While completing her Master’s degree in Information Management at the University of Washington in 2011, Andrea held an internship at NPower Northwest, which was absorbed by 501 Commons the following year.