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Andrew Pelton

Support Line Technician

Andrew serves a hybrid role at 501 Commons by providing both help desk support and making on-site visits as needed. He offers our nonprofit clients more than 8 years of IT experience in several different environments and roles. Passionate about new technology and providing excellent customer service, Andrew is always looking for suggestions on how to better himself and better meet the needs of organizations.

Andrew was born and raised in Puyallup, WA where he started teaching himself the basics of troubleshooting and PC functions. From there he moved on from place to place, learning about different environments and standards across various companies in Washington State. Andrew practices patience and kindness when helping nonprofits troubleshoot issues and service their IT needs. He describes himself as upbeat and easy to work with.

At one point in his career he decided to serve in the Coast Guard as an Operation Specialist but was injured to the point where he was medically discharged. Upon arriving back to Washington State, he began pursuing a variety of new skill sets to fill several roles in the IT field, including field technician, remote support, deskside engineer, and point of sale support. His need to help people and to continue to improve his skills and ability is why Andrew pursued an IT career. He seeks to acquire more skills, learn, and grow his current abilities at 501 Commons.

Fun Fact: When Andrew isn’t reading about new technologies he is typically hosting game board meet-ups with friends or new people. He also enjoys flying drones or a day at the paintball field as a ref or player.