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Bekah Hess

IT Administrator

Bekah serves on the IT team as an IT Administrator.

Before joining 501 Commons, Bekah worked in the health food industry for 7 years, managing point-of-sale and inventory systems. After discovering an interest in Information Technology, she went back to school and earned a degree of applied science in Networking & Cybersecurity.

She has since worked as a Systems Administrator in the manufacturing industry. There, she worked on implementing new IT projects, as well as assisting with network deployment for newly constructed office spaces. Bekah has a passion for learning and appreciates that the field of IT is constantly growing and changing.

Fun Fact: Being born and raised in the PNW, Bekah has a passion for the outdoors. Her parents began taking her hiking and camping at a very young age, and she continues this hobby with her husband and their beloved dog. Together, they have been to more than a dozen national parks in the U.S. and Canada.