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David Humphries

IT Consultant

David is one of our IT Consultants, providing infrastructure and maintenance support to our clients. David brings 20 years of IT experience, most recently helping customers migrate to cloud solutions and maintaining server and PCs. David prides himself on pleasing his customers and works hard to exceed their expectations.

David was born in South Africa in the 70s and moved to England with his family in 1990. After living and working in the UK for 11 years, he was ready for change.  After visiting his brother, he was offered a position supporting a publisher for a non-profit organization.

In the Early 2000s, David and his family moved from Boston to Ohio. After moving to Ohio, he worked for LexisNexis and was quickly promoted to Senior Field Systems Engineer. The position led him to Dallas, where he spent 10 years helping and supporting customers in the Texas region.

David has visited Washington frequently over the last 14 years and fell in love with the region. Ready for a new opportunity, David moved to Redmond in 2014, where he started his own company supporting small firms and individuals.

He has always enjoyed helping NGOs and supporting charities, so working for 501 Commons is a natural fit. He looks forward to supporting our clients and helping our organization grow and prosper.

Fun Fact: David's Dog Bear was famous for 5 minutes. Ellen DeGeneres was running a segment called Celebrity Pet Look-a-Likes. When Bear was a puppy he looked a lot like George Lucas. So David and his wife sent his photo in to the show. He was featured nationally and then again on the local news. He was very proud.

Check out the clip: