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Demba Ndir

Support Line Technician

Demba Ndir serves as a Support Line Technician. Originally from Senegal (West Africa), he speaks Wolof, French, and English, and he's also talented at translating technology jargon into terms that entry-level users can understand. After completing his Associate of Applied Science degree in 2008 in Dakar, Demba moved to the US and decided to enroll in school again. He has since achieved his Associate in Applied Science degree and is in pursuit of a BA for Network Security at Bellevue College.

Demba previously worked in tech support at Kress IGA and Cheikh Anta Diop University. His role at 501 Commons is his first staff position in the nonprofit sector, but he's gained familiarity with the nonprofit sector through his involvement with two other nonprofits: Senegalese Association of Seattle (SAS), where he serves as vice-president, and West African Community Council (WACC), where he is an active member.

Fun fact: Despite a full-time job and studies on the side, Demba always finds time to enjoy his other loves of basketball and soccer. Most days with nice weather he finds time to play and help improve the game of kids in the neighborhood.