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Dorian Goettler

IT Administrator

Dorian has lived in the Pacific Northwest his whole life. He earned a bachelor's degree in Political Science from Western Washington University – but shortly after graduating Dorian realized that he preferred helping people understand computers instead of political theory.

Dorian has been working with and been around computers for about as long as Windows has existed. He got his first email address when he was 3 through a local nonprofit. Due to his early exposure to computers and technology, they have always come naturally to Dorian, and he has set out to help and teach others how to get the most out of the technology around them. Prior to joining 501 Commons Dorian had a brief stint doing contract work for a local MSP. Before that he was a member of a support team at Microsoft.

He has done a small bit of traveling, most notably spending a few months in Micronesia.

Fun Fact: Dorian has a 3D Printer at home, which he uses to generate miniatures for his weekly game nights.