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Dumkele Osegi

Client Engagement Manager

Dumkele has been involved in nonprofits ever since he was a teenager, contributing every year to his town through Rangers Give Back, an initiative to clean up the local schools and playground areas. In addition to fundraising for veterans, Dumkele enjoys gaining experience contributing toward greater causes.

Before joining 501 Commons, Dumkele was a Cloud Support Engineer with AWS, helping clients resolve their software infrastructure inquiries, as well as immersing himself in the world of AWS services in order to help his clients with utmost proficiency. He is very data-driven and detail-oriented, which allowed him to succeed in this role.

Dumkele was raised in a suburb outside of Boston until he left to go down south for a period to complete his bachelor’s in computer information systems. Later, he returned home to Boston where he works locally.

Fun Fact: Aside from his tech career, Dumkele is passionate about fishing, soccer, and spending quality time with his partner.