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Edward Brown

IT Consultant

Edward was born in California, grew up in Ballard and Denver, and has lived in many other places, including a brief stint in Death Valley and nearly two years in South Korea. Having moved around much of his life, he has gained an appreciation for the differences and similarities of people from all over. This has given him an ability to be compassionate to the needs and struggles of folks from all walks of life.

Edward is an IT generalist who has always been a fierce advocate for customer service. After a stint in the Army, he landed in a retail career, moving up quickly through the ranks. While this endowed him with a more emphatic drive for customer service, he soon felt pulled strongly to switch careers to the world of technology where he has always felt at home.

Obtaining a BS in Information Technology, he started officially working in IT for a local furniture company. Needing more of a challenge and wanting to help more people, he started his own small IT business which he ran for several years. Now, Edward works work directly with his peers through 501 Commons and its clients. He has a passion for helping people solve problems and is excited about helping people who help people.

Fun Fact: Edward is a certified Reiki practitioner.