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Jason Marshall

Windows Server Engineer

Jason equips the 501 Commons IT team with the tools needed to help nonprofits maximize capacity of limited resources via intelligent implementation of Windows Server and other automation technologies. Over a decade of experience working with organizations ranging in size from "mom-and-pop" to Fortune 500 enables Jason to fit enterprise-quality solutions into nonprofit reality.

Born and raised in Kent, WA, Jason grew up in a household defined by his parents' dual careers maintaining and managing water resources. Technical manuals for various telemetry and SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems, brought home from the water district by his father, sparked Jason's initial interest in technology.

Graduating from high school at the start of the Great Recession pushed Jason to search for opportunities away from the comfort of home. In the spring of 2008 he accepted an offer from his high school prom date to accompany her to Juneau, AK. Shortly after arriving, Jason started his own technology consulting business. Over the next five years the scope and difficulty of customer projects grew in lockstep with Jason's skill set. Southeast Alaska’s unique culture and environment meant working with companies from a huge variety of industries; including underground mining operations, cruise ship lines, and telecommunication service providers. It was a region that would have him driving past the State Capitol Buildings and governor’s mansion in the morning, on his way to meet a helicopter needed to reach communication sites atop a fjord, or one of the boats dedicated to transporting employees to isolated worksites. This early exposure to such a wide array of technologies and even wider array of organizations formed the bedrock of Jason's unique skill set.

Jason believes it is the responsibility of every professional, in any field, to improve the paths taken in life for those following. While he has always been a strong advocate for women in the workforce, Jason's experiences supporting his wife over her years working in the mining industry, and later, her journey through a physics degree, strengthened his resolve to push for improvements in the inclusion of women in STEM industries.

Fun Fact: Jason operates a group of ‘honey pot’ servers that are intentionally left vulnerable so he can collect malware samples and other data on active threats for friends and fellow researchers in the cybersecurity field.