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Junior Peyton

Windows Systems Engineer

Junior (he/him) has been a cybersecurity analyst/system administrator for small nonprofits since 2017 when he started working for Habitat for Humanity Colorado and other organizations in the Connecticut/New York area. He finds delight in supporting the tremendous work being done by nonprofits in Seattle, particularly ones that are focused on social/racial justice, environmental sustainability, and indigenous rights. One of Junior's favorite things about working in the sector is getting to know about the really cool work happening in Seattle and the efforts behind making everything happen.

Before joining 501 Commons, Junior was a freelancer, doing system administration and Azure support for several organizations and private sector companies. He has years of experience working with nonprofits that previously had messy or non-existent documentation and financial tracking systems. Over the years, he's helped many of these organizations build more coherent and consistent technology systems.

Aside from his photography career, Junior is passionate about training, anti-racism work, and healing experiences that promote social justice.

Fun Fact: Junior and his brother share birthdays in January.