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Kerry Morrison

Client Engagement Manager

Kerry is passionate about bringing good people and resources together, and finds great fulfillment in helping organizations with incredible missions establish the support and communications systems they need to be effective. He believes the nonprofit sector supports so many of the most important programs in communities and is happy to help bring together solutions that can organize, connect, and inspire.

Kerry has acted as the executive director of an environmental nonprofit, sat on the board of other organizations, and became a two term, peer-elected mayor of four small towns in Southern California. As mayor, he supported community and governmental communications and environmental restoration initiatives. Earning a degree and extensive additional studies in communications/public relations helped him train and lead nonprofit teams and organize hundreds of volunteers. He is a creative campaign storyteller; passionate about everything related to the ocean, environmental justice, travel, human rights, and finding innovative technologies and renewable energy to promote environmental education and sustainability.

In his work at California's Salton Sea, he acted as the region's press agent and produced extensive multimedia educational resources. Kerry is proud that these inspirational global communication materials have brought forth significantly greater worldwide understanding of a cause and region, which led to major governmental and community organizational support and funding for key environmental and socioeconomic restoration efforts.

Fun Fact: In his free time, Kerry enjoys composing and performing music, exploring the outdoors, trees and nature, yoga, bridging eastern and western solutions for health, researching science and psychology, meeting people, experiencing cultures, sailing, and fiddling with his boat.