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Mike Ausevich

Salesforce Administrator

Having years of experience working with many nonprofit organizations as a Salesforce consultant and administrator, Mike values streamlining the day-to-day activities of staff teams and helping them achieve their organization’s mission with less time and effort.

Mike enjoys helping people in any way possible and gravitates toward the nonprofit sector as a way to amplify his ability to help those around him.

Utilizing Salesforce’s many features, Mike has worked on automating a volunteer onboarding process, creating a student assessment and attendance tracking process, built forms for gathering constituent data, and managed that data’s security, accuracy, and relevance. In addition to acting on an organization's stated needs, Mike likes to dig deeper to offer added value by making additional suggestions for improvement.

He's spent many years as a project manager, building and working in large teams, staying within a project’s restraints, achieving project milestones, and being the hub of information for the whole project. He’s led teams to build multimillion dollar projects in high rise offices, for biotech firms, universities such as MIT and Tufts, conference centers, and even a parking lot solar panel array that creates enough electricity to run 35 homes for one year.

Mike is a proud dad of 3 kiddos and a lucky husband. He enjoys spending time with family and friends; some of their favorite activities include camping, fishing, hiking, snowboarding, sledding, cycling, watersports, soccer, and video games.

Fun Fact: Mike has always been a creator. He can tie a fly for fly fishing, design and build a shed or deck, brew craft beer, change out a fuel line in a car, design and install a landscape or hardscape, and even refinish a dining room table.  Throughout the year, he’s harvesting firewood to help heat his house during the long NH winters. He also enjoys the exercise and self-reliance of this task and hobby.