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Moon Sanchez

Windows System Engineer - Service Desk Lead

Moon serves on the IT team as a Windows System Engineer - Service Desk Lead. Born and raised in New York City, he obtained a degree in Computer Technology and moved to Seattle.

After working in enterprise IT for more than a decade, he volunteered at a nonprofit school and realized that his skills would be more impactful in the nonprofit sector. He moved to Eastern Washington to pursue nonprofit work in the close-knit community of Spokane.

Moon believes that as a two-spirit person, it is important to be connected to the community. Helping to support nonprofits is his way of giving back.

Fun Fact: As a water and land protector, Moon spends a lot of time with the MAC Movement, an indigenous movement that serves schools and low-income communities in Spokane through music, art, and creativity. The MAC Movement was founded by the great grandchild of the chief who started the Longest Walk movement.