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Nick Kimmer

Windows System Engineer

Nick Kimmer grew up in the Tacoma/Puyallup area and graduated in September 2017 from Clover Park Technical College with his Associate’s Degree in Computer Networking and Security. He served as an IT help desk administrator/intern at Bradken Inc. Before that, he held jobs at a call center and in the fast food industry before pursuing his degree.

What motivates him to work in the nonprofit sector is the opportunity to have an impact and help the local community. He's participated in dog rescue efforts and enjoys seeing up-close the work nonprofits are doing. When working with clients, he tries to treat them how he would want to be treated: with respect and fairness.

Nick has only been to Mexico and Canada, so his international experience is limited...however that doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to explore more of the world. Some would say he has a serious case of wanderlust!

His personal interest is being an advocate for people with disabilities. Nick also enjoys going hiking outdoors, bike riding, and engaging in a Netflix marathon. He also speaks a little bit of Spanish.

Fun Fact: Dogs are Nick's favorite animal.