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Sean Platford

IT Administrator

Sean has an associate’s degree in Business and has worn a pretty diverse set of hats throughout his career. Most recently he worked as a contractor with a hospital-grade cleaning service. Amongst other things, he has also worked as an Uber driver, a house painter, a deli clerk, a trophy and engraving specialist, and with a freelance IT consultant to rebuild an entire school’s server and network from the ground up.

He is absolutely thrilled to be working in the nonprofit sector, and with 501 Commons in particular, because the work feels like a much more tangible contribution to society than working in the private sector.

He lives with his fiancée on what is slowly becoming a five acre mini-farm where they grow a whole host of small crops, have an apple orchard, and are getting into making apple cider and apple-wines. He is, however, more directly involved in the raising of the farm’s animals, including (but not limited to) ducks, chickens, rabbits, bees, and most pleasingly, pigs.

His favorite animal is his brilliant (but mischievous) dog, Korax, who made his debut on the 501 Commons scene by opening Sean’s back door in the middle of his video interview and letting himself in (and not offering to help pay the heating bill he was running up by leaving the door open).

Fun Fact: Sean is a board game hobbyist and enthusiast! He can’t wait until the pandemic is over so he can resume his favorite past time.