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Stephen Stutz

IT Consultant

Stephen brings experience providing technical support as well as customer service to the 501 Commons Support Line team. His goal is to make sure that the interaction with the Help Desk is as quick and easy as possible. Stephen's previous job at Facing The Future as the IT Intern has given him hands-on experience working with nonprofit organizations while still attending school at ITT Tech.

Outside of work Stephen enjoys any sport that can be played outdoors: hiking, mountain biking, skateboarding, basketball, tennis, volleyball, and anything that involves a beach. Living in Seattle makes that difficult, so he has to fit them in whenever we get a break from the rain.

Fun fact: Standing 6’ 3” Stephen is actually the tallest living member of his family. The closest relative is his uncle who is 6’ 0”. Which means he has changed a lot of light bulbs in his time.