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Sung Kim

Support Line Technician

Sung serves as a Support Line Technician for 501 Commons' help desk team, where he engages and assists clients to help them to resolve their daily IT troubleshooting. His goal is to improve people's computer literacy. He believes knowledge should be shared with others without cost.

Sung was born in Seoul, Korea. He grew up in a metropolitan area with the hustle and bustle of city surroundings; riding his skateboard on busy streets. After graduating from college, he was a healthcare provider for 7 years. Then, he wanted to seek a second career and went back to school to study robotics and electronics, as well as network technology. He is also a Certified Cisco Network Associate. He received two scholarships from Edmonds Community College.

He loves to study and enjoys kayaking, swimming, and crabbing. He also enjoys fast paced cooking at home.

Fun Fact: His first computer was an Apple II.