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Yuka Takamiya

Financial Services Associate

As a financial services associate, Yuka helps 501 Commons clients with their accounting needs. She brings in not only expertise in nonprofit accounting but a strong background in nonprofit management and customer services.  By serving a wide range of nonprofit organizations in Seattle, she is excited to be part of the larger effort to make the world a better place.

Prior to joining 501 Commons, Yuka worked for a global environmental organization based in Seattle, called Basel Action Network (BAN), for eight years. While at BAN, she managed their books, HR as well as operations.

When she's not crunching the numbers, Yuka enjoys cooking, camping, skiing, playing piano, yoga, photography, making her young son laugh and playing board games with her family and friends.

Random Fact: Yuka knows a little bit of Turkish she learned from her roommate she lived together for two years. Merhaba!