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nonprofit support, management and technology consulting and free information and referral services

Who We Are

Our Mission

501 Commons' mission is to boost the capacity of nonprofit organizations to thrive over the long term and effectively serve the community.

Our Story

501 Commons was founded in 1989 as Executive Service Corps of Washington. In 2010, we changed our name to 501 Commons, reflecting a changing role and broader range of services. In 2012, we absorbed some of the programs and services of the Alliance for Nonprofits and the technology services of NPower Northwest. Most of our clients are in Washington State but many of our services are available to nonprofits beyond Washington. 

Our Theory of Practice describes how we approach our work and our Team Charter describes how our team of 45+ work together to serve our clients.

501 Commons is a 501(c)(3) tax-deductible, nonprofit, charitable organization and is a member of the Executive Service Corps - United States. By making a donation or volunteering your time to 501 Commons, you are impacting the success of over 1000 organizations. Join us!

Our Clients

In 2016 we worked with more than 1000 nonprofits and have served thousands of organizations since we were founded. Our client range from newly formed nonprofits to very large and well-established organizations. We provide services to all types of nonprofits organizations that serve youth, human services, arts and environmental organizations are the most frequent clients.

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Our Theory of Practice

At 501 Commons, everything we do is based on a "theory of practice" framework drawn from research on nonprofit capacity building and our nonprofit experience. Through this, we have identified "5 Elements of a Healthy Nonprofit."

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Our Partnerships & Collaborations

We believe in the power of collaboration. Working together with other organizations gets us further faster. Here are some of our connections to other capacity builders doing good in Washington state.

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Strengthening Our Sector

We work to unleash the potential of nonprofits in our state by providing access to affordable services that help them strengthen their mission.