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Executive Service Corps Members

Meet the volunteers who are the backbone of our mission

Many of the management consulting services and programs of 501 Commons are made possible by members of our Executive Service Corps who generously donate their time and professional skills. 501 Commons is an affiliate of the national Executive Service Corps-United States, which includes 26 organizations and total of 1,600 members contributing 100,000 volunteer hours to more than 1,000 nonprofit organizations across the country.

Membership in the service corps is open to professionals throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond! Our more than 550 service corps members serve as consultants, leadership coaches, facilitators, trainers, and executive advisors. Service corps members have a variety of experience, coming from business, health care, government, education, and nonprofit backgrounds. 18% of our members are retired, while the rest are active in their careers. Service corps members are matched with projects based on an assessment that evaluates over 100 specific skills and knowledge areas. All have some nonprofit experience with about 40% having nonprofit work experience.

Service corps members also provide their expertise and talents to support the work of 501 Commons by helping develop new programs, conduct community outreach, collect evaluations, and conduct research.

Interested in volunteering your skills to amplify the strengths of nonprofits? Learn more about the service corps.

Service Corps Spotlights

Are you curious what it is like being on a volunteer assignment as an Executive Service Corps member? Check out our Service Corps Spotlight articles! Service Corps Spotlights serve to highlight and celebrate the work of 501 Commons service corps members. Each article highlights a service corps member's experience on a project and the impact of their work with that particular organization.

Executive Service Corps Members

Active service corps members are listed below. You can find those linked below on LinkedIn or on their personal websites.