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Team Charter

Build Trust. Support Excellence.

The purpose of this charter is to express our commitment to each other and our work with the community.

We cultivate trust…

by following through and doing a little bit more than we say we will.

  • We speak honestly about our priorities, abilities, and intentions.
  • We communicate proactively when we cannot meet a commitment.
  • We engage systems to help us manage time and projects.

We communicate effectively…

by expressing ourselves openly and listening receptively.

  • We seek clarity and are transparent, communicating more than might be necessary.
  • We respect different communication styles.
  • We are straightforward and supportive, even when expressing disagreement.

We build relationships…

by taking care of each other and our clients.

  • We value the unique gifts and perspectives of team members and clients.
  • We find common ground and seek opportunities to advance others.

We solve problems constructively…

by focusing on solutions in the face of challenges.

  • We embrace diversity and encourage different points of view.
  • We seek alternative approaches.

We deliver on the promise of the commons…

by supporting the success of our partners, the nonprofit sector, and the community.

  • We meet people where they are.
  • We build on our own strengths and those of our team.
  • We respect and build on the strengths of our clients.