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5 Elements Point 3

Tin Can PhoneWhat are you broadcasting to the world? How do others see your organization? A nonprofit with effective communication to its stakeholders and strong relationships with its board, staff members, clients, and donors will have stronger programs and more successful fundraising. Communication and marketing tools are changing every day, but the fundamentals of building and stewarding relationships remain the same. How is your organization telling its story, attracting new people to its cause, and building connections that strengthen your ties to your community?

Go through the question below to assess how your organization is making itself known in the community and connecting with stakeholders.

  • Is communication used with consideration of the best options for each audience?
  • Are leaders known outside the organization in a way that advances the organization's cause or mission?
  • Do you have a communication plan that identifies audiences, key messages, a schedule and methods of communication?
  • Do the board members and leaders interact effectively with decision makers and the public to advocate policies that support the mission?
  • Is the organization able to inspire people to join the cause and engage the community?
  • Are board members and volunteers used effectively, including those in highly skilled roles?

Most organizations will benefit greatly from periodically having a pro bono or paid consultant come in to evaluate and advise the organization on their communications plan. All the knowledge we have about our own organization often gets in the way of having a clear message. It is also worth noting that people are drawn to volunteer or contribute to an organization not because of what they need but because of the impact they are making.

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